The basics of calculating bet amounts and play time wisely

The basics of calculating bet amounts and play time wisely

So you are puzzling your head over the amount to fund your casino account to win. The right choice is tricky indeed, plus it is very individual, so the panacea solution doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, there are several success components you may want to arm yourself with. Online casino, a first class mobile casino aggregator boasting hundreds of online slots games, is sharing the insights on how to find a golden medium of betting and winning.

Is $10 enough to win?

You could write ‘enough’ and end the section. But there is plenty of nuances that simply cannot be rejected. Yes, you can stay with those generous gambling establishments offer the loyal minimum bets of 1 cent. Therefore, if you have 10 dollars you can spend without remorse, you can safely start to gamble with the least risk. If you bet on good luck only – you are good to go. Just go get ‘em!

However, if you want to lead yourself to the systematic victories, then you should watch carefully for every potential opportunity out there. So the first point is to check whether all the games work with the minimum bet, and the second one is familiarizing yourself with the rules of this or that casino (the minimum amount for the deposit, bonus terms, active promotions and etc.).

Therefore, the most common feature you can take advantage of is a welcome bonus: when you make your first deposit you can multiply the amount by modest 20% and up to sky-high 1000%* (the data is obtained basing on statistics accumulated since the fall of 2014 at However, you should take your time to investigate the limits and special terms of welcome bonus use: thus, it may be designed for particular games only or the amount can be withdrawn only after a certain limit is exceeded and so on.

The first 10 minutes matter

The first few minutes lay in the foundation of any effective strategy. The main slots gambler enemy is typically not the fraudulent mechanism or ‘greedy casino software code’, but only emotions. If you play at a proven, secure gambling establishment, it is all about the random number generation; moreover, reputable gambling houses indicate their payout rates (as a rule, equal or exceeding 95% mark).

Now let’s get back to our 10 minutes time frame. So you’ve picked up the right amount and ready to plunge in the game. Before you start, set your alarm clock at ten minutes. And play with no rush. Can you hear it ringing? It is the perfect time to finish the round and take a break, even if you are on a winning streak. Euphoria, celebration, breakdown… all of the above may hurt your long term prospects badly. Train the willpower and discipline with the help of ten minutes. Return to the play only when the emotional storm inside settles. The research of National Gambling Association conducted in 2014 in former gamblers with various addiction degree has revealed 72% of them mentioned emotions as the main reason for huge losses – so you should be always ready to take control over your instincts if you are looking to build a decent career.