March 25, 2021

Urgent Action Needed!

Stop Bill C-250 !
Our Last Chance to Stop C-250

Dear Concerned Canadian:

I received news today that the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee has sent Bill C-250 back to the Senate and is recommending that it be passed without amendments. I was also informed that Bill C-250 could go through third (and final reading) as soon as Monday evening, March 29th.
So we are down to the wire and our options to stop this bill are limited but we with so much at stake for our future, we cannot give up.
Here are the actions we still have available to try to stop this bill:

Action 1.
Phone the Offices of the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader:

A. Call the PM's office (613-992-4284) and inform them as follows:

* (Most importantly) You will not vote for the Liberal Party in the upcoming election if Bill C-250 passes the Senate.

* Bill C-250 is a freedom of speech issue, not a human rights issue;

* Opposition to Bill C-250 is not coming from fringe "religious" groups, it is coming from concerned Canadians;

* Bill C250 needs to be amended;

B. Call Mr. Harper's office (613-996-6740).

I suggest you also phone Mr. Harper's office and inform his office that you have called the PM's office regarding Bill C250 and that you would appreciate his making this an issue in Parliament.
Even though the Bill is in the Senate the Prime Minister could encourage all Liberal Senators to vote against it.

Action 2. 
Call Your Senators.

We need to overwhelm ALL Senator's offices with requests to vote against Bill C-250.
Call toll free (1-800-267-7362) ALL the Senators from your Province (See the list below)
Note: When you call this number you will get the Senate switchboard. Just ask for the Senator's office that you are calling and your call will be transferred. Tell the Senator's assistant that you want the Senator to vote against Bill C-250.
Review the same points with the Senators offices as you did with the PM's office

Action 3. 
E-mail a quick message to Prime Minister Paul Martin @: <> .

You can copy the text of the letter below and paste it into your email, insert your personal information and send it to the Prime Minister
( <> ) 

and Stephen Harper
( <> )

The Right Honourable Mr. Paul Martin M.P. Prime Minister
(your name)
Re: Bill C-250 Message:

This email is to inform you that if Bill C-250 passes in the Senate the Liberal Party will not have my vote in the upcoming election. Bill C-250 is not a human rights issue it is an issue of freedom of speech. Those who oppose this Bill are concerned Canadians concerned about freedom. I would appreciate receiving a response from you.

cc: Stephen Harper, MP

Action 4.
Email each of the Senators from your province Check the list below. Their e-mail address consists of the first five letters of their last name and the first letter of their first name

Example: Senator Joyce Fairbairn   = 

Thank you for your help in this important issue.
Please pass this on to others you think will also help.

Joann Gorham Director,
United Families/Canada    


Senator Tommy Banks
Senator Joyce Fairbairn
Senator Daniel Hays
Senator Douglas Roche

Senator Jack Austin
Senator Pat Carney
Senator D. Ross Fitzpatrick
Senator Mobina S.B. Jaffer
Senator Edward M. Lawson
Senator Gerry St. Germain

Senator Sharon Carstairs
Senator Maria Chaput
Senator Janis G. Johnson
Senator Richard H. Kroft
Senator Mira Spivak
Senator Terry Stratton

Senator John G. Bryden
Senator Eymard G. Corbin
Senator Joseph A. Day
Senator Noël A. Kinsella
Senator Viola Léger
Senator Rose-Marie Losier-Cool
Senator Pierette Ringuette
Senator Brenda Robertson
Senator Fernand Robichaud
Senator Marilyn Trenholme Counsell

Senator George Baker
Senator Ethel M. Cochrane
Senator Joan Cook
Senator C. William Doody
Senator George Furey
Senator William Rompkey

Senator Nick G. Sibbeston

Senator John M. Buchanan
Senator Gerald J. Comeau
Senator Jane Cordy
Senator J. Michael Forrestall
Senator B. Alasdair Graham
Senator Michael Kirby
Senator Terry M. Mercer
Senator Wilfred P. Moore
Senator Donald H. Oliver
Senator Gerard A. Phalen

Senator Willie Adams

Senator Ione Christensen

Senator Norman K. Atkins
Senator Anne C. Cools
Senator Consiglio Di Nino
Senator John Trevor Eyton
Senator Isobel Finnerty
Senator Jean-Robert Gauthier
Senator Jerahmiel S. Grafstein
Senator Mac Harb
Senator James F. Kelleher
Senator Colin Kenny
Senator Wilbert Joseph Keon
Senator Laurier L. LaPierre
Senator Marjory LeBreton
Senator Frank W. Mahovlich
Senator Michael A. Meighen
Senator Lorna Milne
Senator Jim Munson
Senator Lowell Murray
Senator Landon Pearson
Senator P. Michael Pitfield
Senator Marie-P. Poulin (Charette)
Senator Vivienne Poy
Senator David P. Smith
Senator Peter A. Stollery
Senator Catherine S. Callbeck
Senator Percy Downe
Senator Elizabeth Hubley
Senator Pana Merchant
Senator Eileen Rossiter

Senator W. David Angus
Senator Lise Bacon
Senator Gerald A. Beaudoin
Senator Michel Biron
Senator Pierre De Bane
Senator Marisa Ferretti Barth
Senator Joan Fraser
Senator Aurélien Gill
Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette
Senator Serge Joyal
Senator Jean Lapointe
Senator Raymond Lavigne
Senator John Lynch-Staunton
Senator Shirley Maheu
Senator Paul J. Massicotte
Senator Yves Morin
Senator Pierre Claude Nolin
Senator Lucie Pépin
Senator Madeleine Plamondon
Senator Marcel Prud'homme
Senator Jean-Claude Rivest
Senator Charlie Watt

Senator Raynell Andreychuk
Senator Leonard J. Gustafson
Senator Herbert O. Sparrow
Senator David Tkachuk