Blackjack online in Canada

Blackjack is a far-famed card game, finding itself on the list of the most popular gambling entertainment. The simplicity of its rules and quite simple card counting boosted its popularity across the world guaranteeing an absolutely special status. The essence of blackjack is to beat the dealer with a better combination of cards. So you will have to get the cards the total score of which is as close to 21 as possible (exceeding the amount and you will lose).

The history of blackjack naming has an interesting fact - originally it was called ‘twenty-one’. Blackjack appeared in France around the 19th century. At that time, the country has cherished the cult of the two card games ‘Chemin de fer’ and ‘Twenty-one’. These games formed the basis of those rules, which have survived till nowadays.

The popularity of blackjack also owes its quite advantageous nature: thus, the advantage of the casino over a player is estimated at just 0.5%. Therefore, beating the dealer is not a mission impossible. Also, it is known that in 1956, a social researcher Roger Baldwin has described the basic scheme of the game featuring a mathematical method of card counting scheme that helps players to successfully confront the dealer at the table.

Many casinos, feeling that they are beginning to give more than they expect to ordinary players, began to introduce additional rules, e.g. prohibitions doubling and etc. As a result, blackjack began to lose its fans. To remedy the situation, gambling club had to cancel all the restrictions and revert to the old rules. Instead, new chips emerged on the tables that made the life of the players even more complicated. Also blackjack began to use more than one deck of 52 cards, but several (up to 8), mixing them in a special device.