Casino bonuses for Canadian players - Exclusive offers

We believe that a decent online gambling house should reward the players for the choices they make. The competition in the world of gambling is outrageous and to stand out from the crowd casinos need to be more generous when it comes to rewards. Moreover, people still find it difficult to trust online gambling enterprises, some of them need a confidence boost to start playing online, and this is where casinos have to take action.

At our site we gather the most popular gambling enterprises with proven track record and ideal reputation and place an emphasis on reward programs. Therefore, one of the essential goals of our site is to provide quick access to casinos with the most competitive loyalty programs - we select the best of the best to guarantee you enjoy playing. We do also focus on providing actual info on the types of rewards you can normally get and educate you on how to make the right choice.

Finally, we do cover the online gambling houses in our reviews touching virtually every aspect of play: from general gameplay features and games lineup to payment methods, customer service and support peculiarities. We keep all the materials up to date and if things change at any casino, the updates are highly likely to be included already.

What you can get here

Welcome bonuses are designed exclusively for new casino players, and the amounts vary greatly. Some platforms offer instant rewards bonus, also called no deposit bonuses, although such shots are rare. Nevertheless, the majority of online casinos is credited to the customer’s account a certain percentage of the size of your first deposit, for example, 50% of the initial deposit. If you load up $100, you’ll get a bonus of $50. Some sites offer 100% bonuses or more of the amount of the initial deposit.

The vast number of network gaming establishments do not offer welcome bonuses in hard currency, but instead grant bonus points to players, which can be converted into in-game cash, depending on how often you play at the casino. Most sites adhere to the rules as for withdrawing the bonus so you may need to play the amount several times to be able to withdraw your cash. To get the info on how much money you should play before the withdrawal, drop in at the casino site. If the casino bonus is $100, you may be required to play $500 or $1,000 to complete the withdrawal. More terms and requirements may apply, so be attentive to details when making a choice.

Deposit bonuses

Some platforms offer bonuses to their customers for deposits credited to the players account and already activated after each refill. In some cases, players will immediately get access to the bonus, in others - they are credited to the account in the form of bonus points. The participation in such promotions may be limited.

Referral bonuses

Invite a friend and get rewarded - this is how it works. This bonus is the most straightforward; as a rule, your goal is to invite a player that will bid a certain amount before the bonus is available.

That’s just the beginning of the list. We are grinding away to gather the most beneficial offers and promos available for Canadian players to help you enhance your gaming experience. The list of offers and promotions is constantly updated: new positions are added and no longer actual offers are removed. Moreover, we have started cooperating with gambling houses directly and our platform could be the first to cover exclusive deals.